Fixing rusted downspouts

A downspout, that i would think would fit the rusted through downspout in the front, will solve the problem with my basement waterproofing. Basements are closed areas so they are prone to high humidity conditions that lead to dampness and flooding. Basement waterproofing is an option to help ensure homeowners reap the return on investment… Continue reading Fixing rusted downspouts

Concrete is naturally porous

Water seeping through concrete since it is naturally porous, is due to faulty basement waterproofing and can cause a wet basement. Are there signs of mold or mold damage in your home in the lower levels’ a down spout that became disconnected after the inspection can cause water in the basement. Basements are closed areas… Continue reading Concrete is naturally porous

Clogged gutters cause problems

Check your gutters during the fall and winter to be sure leaves do not clog them, which puts added stress on your basement waterproofing system. Basements are closed areas so they are prone to high humidity conditions that lead to dampness and flooding. If you choose a site where water does not naturally drain to… Continue reading Clogged gutters cause problems

Causes for a wet basement

A moisture basement can be caused by any number of problems, including absence of waterproofing. If you utilize to do the work yourself they will provide all the necessary info. Are there any pools of water supply on the floor or damp spots on the walls. A downspout that became garbled after the inspection can… Continue reading Causes for a wet basement

Basement seepage from outside

A downspout that is improperly positioned to drain against the side of the house allows water to collect in areas that can ooze into the basement in spite of basement waterproofing. Are there sizable puddles forming if so you need to fill in low spots or digging out channels. If you choose a place where… Continue reading Basement seepage from outside

Basement leakage can destroy furnishings

Chronic basement ‘bunker’ leakage is a serious problem that can wreck furnishings and appliances and require basement waterproofing. Basements can leak for a multitude of reasons. Check your gutters and downspouts for any leaks that might be letting water immerse into the foundation. Ordinarily methods of cornerstone waterproofing includes concrete waterproofing. Concrete waterproofing repairs the… Continue reading Basement leakage can destroy furnishings