Professional Montreal and Quebec City Waterproofing Services

Montreal and Quebec City homeowners and businesses have trusted Waterproofing Service to solve their foundation problems. Your Montreal and Quebec City waterproofing contractor has the solution for all your wet basement waterproofing and foundation concerns.

The average homeowner experiences some sort of basement water damage during the life of their home. This can be anything from a small leak, mold, or a more seriously flooded basement. Basement waterproofing services have become an important investment for not only homeowners, but also Montreal and Quebec City businesses.

Our Waterproofing and Drains can protect your assets by offering interior and exterior basement waterproofing. This consists of footer drains which circle the building to lead water away from your foundation. When installed by a professional waterproofing company they do a lot to protect your walls from damage.

Montreal and Quebec City Basement Waterproofing Saves Your Home Assets

There are different levels of drainage systems that are utilized during the waterproofing process:

  • Drainage systems placed along the footing.
  • Basement slab poured on gravel to allow water to drain to the drain pipe.

Safeguard Your Home With Professional Basement Waterproofing

Not only is a leaky basement a potential architectural hazard it is also a potential health issue. Everytime the moisture enters your home the mold and mildew that can result from it cause allergies and other illnesses. Fighting the mold and mildew everytime is a daunting task. Establishing a clean, dry basement is a necessity for any family. Waterproofing Service can ensure that your home stays dry and there for drastically reducing a concern for mold and mildew.